• HE-500F New Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower
HE-500F New Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower
HE-500F New Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower


Product Features

1) The Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower is hand crafted in solid Ash and stained Honey Oak for consistency  of color.

2) Each machine has been hand finished with Danish Oil giving a deep lustre and warmth to the wood.

3) Wood has been chosen due to its marvelous engineering properties, primary amongst these is its ability to absorb sound and vibration enhancing the Water Rower's quietness and smoothness of use.

4) The Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower has been designed to simulate the smooth, flowing nature of a boat gliding through the water.

5) A truly self-regulating exercise, rowing is ideal for any user, from Professional athlete to those looking for a fulfilling personal workout; the WaterRower is suitable for any age, gender or level of fitness.

6) Combining control, strength and stamina in one complete exercise, rowing burns fat and strengthens your cardiovascular system with no detrimental impact or load on your joints.

7) The Apollo Hybrid Fluid Rower offers you an unrivaled aerobic and muscular workout. Rowing exercises 84% of muscle mass with each stroke and burns an excess of 1000 calories per hour.


Colours Available

Natural Finish - Ash Wood / Honey Oak Stain / Danish Oil Finish


208cm ( L ) x 56cm ( W ) x 52cm ( H )


40kg (machine only), 50kg (17 L of water)


2 years on all components and 3 years on all wooden components upon registration

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